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Sewer Scoping Inspections in Oklahoma | Do you need your sewer drain to be inspected?

Sewer Scoping Inspections in Oklahoma

Hey guys!

I wanted to take the time and introduce you to "Sewer Scoping".

The camera in the video is a UEMSI, High Definition, 200ft Sewer Scoping Camera.

This tool gives the user the ability to see what kind of shape your sewer line is in.

Defects commonly found during a sewer scoping are early signs of clogging, cracks or breaks in the line that can lead to major leaks, and tree roots that have penetrated the sewer line.

EVERY HOMES sewer line should be inspected, Old and New! Repairs can be costly… and can EASILY reach thousands of dollars to repair if needed.

Make sure to hire someone who takes the time to hear your concerns, is educated, friendly, and backed by Supreme Inspections Buy Back Guarantee!

You can Schedule your inspection today HERE, or give us a call if you have any questions!

We're always happy to help!

Best Regards,

Gerardo Angeles

Supreme Inspections Oklahoma

(405) 868-8376

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